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The Problem with Value Investing

One of the most common topics for debate in the investment world is whether growth investing or value investing is the better strategy.

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Why Do Share Prices Go Up? (& Down)

To the amateur investor, share prices going up one day and down the next appear to be so random that many form the opinion that investing in shares is akin to gambling at the casino.

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Yes… The Trend is Your Friend

There is no more important factor to look at when investing in the share market than the current trend of the overall market itself.  Why?

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Why The PE Ratio Doesn’t Matter

The PE ratio is one of the most popular ratios in share investing, but can it be used to find winning stocks?

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Why Invest in Shares?

With so many different types of investments out there, the first question we must ask is why we choose to invest in the stock market.

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